Taxis in Bangkok


  • Bangkok taxi prices start with a fixed meter of 35 Baht ( incrementing by 2 Baht)
  • Taxis are available 24 hours in Bangkok.
    We have to admit that our public transportation are not good enough.
    So taxi is the easiest way for both Thais and travellers
  • Available taxis are the ones with the glowing red/green vacant sign.
  • Taxis often pretend not to have change, so carry small amounts
  • Arriving in late night hours at the airport.
    Buses , vans and Airport Links are close before/by midnight(24:00).
    So the only choice is getting a taxi.
    ​: For Suvarnabhumi airport :
    1.) Get a queue tickets at the ticket kiosks (which is at the 1st Floor, Gates 4)
    2.) There are 3 lanes here (Short Ride | Taxi Sedan | Taxi Van)
    ***If your destination is our place ‘HCUBE BKK’.
    Please keep left to SHORT RIDE because our place is near airport***
    3.) You will get the ticket which shown the details and information of your taxi.
    ***Keep this ticket with you. Just show this to driver. If any problem or lost items, you will make a complaint easily***
    4.) When you get into the taxi, make sure the meter is on and showing 35 Baht.
    5.) On Arrival at your destination, you have to pay the fare on the meter, plus an airport surcharge of 50 Baht.
  • We do not tell the official address of the destination to driver.
    We always tell them how to get there.
    If your destination is not an tourist attraction ; such as Siam Paragon / Central World or well-known hotel.
    Don’t forget to prepare the Thai map or explanation of how to get there to taxi driver.

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