Use exit no. 1 (elevator or walking downstars)

Look left, go across the railroad tracks

Go across little bridge and walk along the canal

Walk a little bit, you will see a small pathway. Turn Left here
(Note that, don’t go further than the purple bridge)

Before turn left , You will see this little sign

Go straight until the end

Turn right

Go straight

Walk along the street until you find the main street

Turn left at the main street

You can either choose to walk straight on this side of street
or go across the main street to another side

This is what you see if you walk this side

Go straight

You will find a pedestrian bridge here
(if you take Song Taew, The stop is here under the bridge)

This is our Community! ; )

Go straight

You will see our blue sign here (hcube bkk)
Turn Left

You will see lots of trees.
We are hiding here