Ordering a Bowl of Noodle in Thailand.

How to order a bowl of noodle soup in Thailand.

Things to know before you order.

The Soup
In Thailand we usually have clear soup and dark soup. Clear soup mostly made from boiling vegetables and pork or chicken. Dark soup can vary from beef, spices, pork, and chicken.
If you want something mild and light you should go for the clear soup noodle, in the other hand, if you want flavorful heavy taste then dark soup should be the one.

The noodle

Rice noodles or egg noodles. Well, egg noodle will be yellow in color and rice noodle will be white.
For egg noodles, we call it “Ba-Mhee”.
For rice noodles, we call it by their sizes.
0.5-1 inch wide is “Sen-Yai”
0.3-0.5 cm wide is “Sen-Lek”
1 mm wide is “Sen-Mhee”

There are varius kinds of noodle soup shop, most of the time, you can tell what kind of meat they are putting as topping for your noodle soup by looking at the color of the meat ball. If they are white then they’re fishballs, light gray = pork, dark gray = beef.

When ordering
Just tell the seller the name of the noodles and then follow with “Nam” or “Hang” (with soup = “Nam, without soup = “Hang”)
If you want a larger amount of noodle and stuff add the word ” Phi-Sade”
Ba-Mhee Nam = egg noodle with whatever soup they are selling.
Sen-Yai Hang Phi-Sade = a larger amount of noodle(0.5-1 inch wide) without soup

What are those things they put in your noodle soup?
Generally, they will put peanuts, sometimes chilli, bean sprouts, morning glory, some meatballs, some meat, a little fried garlic, a few celantro, and spring onion.

Song-Taew : cheap and convenient

Walking from A to B the entire day can wear you off quite easily.
Luckily there is a public transportation which is cheap and easy to find here!

Song-Taew is a passenger vehicle in Thailand adapted from a pick-up
or a larger truck and used as a share taxi or bus.
The name a literally means “two benches” after the passenger seating
in the back of the truck.

“How much does it cost?”

Only 10 Baht per person. “How to get in and off?”

Stopping Song-Taew is very easy. Just stand on the side of the road
and raise/wave your hand to let the driver know that you want to use their service.

Take a seat in the back.
When you reach the destination.
Press the “Stop” button (red button) or knock on the little window in the front,
to signal the driver that you want to jump off.

“How to pay?”

Stop button pressed and the bell rang. After the Song-Taew truck stop, just get off and walk toward the driver and give him money from the passenger side(left side of the truck). The driver will give you change after you pay him, but some of them might see you as a foreigner and not give you change. The best way is to pay by a 10-BAHT coin or a 20-BAHT bill and don’t forget to prepare the money before you got off. Many of our guests find the Song-Taew truck very convenient and economical, give it a try if you want another way to travel between our place and Hua Mak station.

“First ride?

Try to take Song-Taew to HCUBE BKK” If you are heading from HuaMak station to our place
when you go down from the station. and see Song-Taew number 7 or 9 or 10.

Jump on!  take a seat in the back and wait until they get off.

when you see these ,  press the button and step down to our place.

How to go to HUA MAK station

Bangkok Airport Rail Link

Train Transfers to Bangkok City

The Public transportation that connects
downtown Bangkok with Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

So you can go to downtown easily by
taking the airport rail link from HCUBE BKK.
and also no need to worry about missing your flight.
Because if there is an accident,
you can take the taxi directly to the airport.
Just only 15-20 minutes from our place.
(Depends on traffic also)

Useful Information

  • Service hours is 05:30 am – midnight
  • The Airport Rail Link’s pre-paid Smart Passes are not compatible with the BTS Skytrain or MRT underground. You must purchase passes separately.
  • The train connects you to the MRT underground at Makkasan City Interchange Station (MRT Petchaburi Station)
    and the BTS Skytrain at Phayathai Station.

“How to go HUA MAK station”

There are 3 ways to go to HUA MAK station from our place

  1. Walk (about 850 meters)
  2. Song-Taew (Public mini local truck)
  3. Taxi (about THB50-70)

1.) WALK

Across the main street, and walk left.
You will find Pattanakarn 51 alley, walk straight until the end.
You will walk through the local pathway along the canal then you will find the station easily.

2.) Song-Taew

You can wait on this side of the main street in front of our community.
for Song-Taew no. 7 / 9 / 10

Call a Song-Taew by waving your hand and pay the driver when you arrive the destination.

3.) Taxi

Across the main street first, then call a taxi.
They will ride the shortcut way. Into Pattanakarn 53 alley.
Then you will arrive the station shortly.

Taxis in Bangkok


  • Bangkok taxi prices start with a fixed meter of 35 Baht ( incrementing by 2 Baht)
  • Taxis are available 24 hours in Bangkok.
    We have to admit that our public transportation are not good enough.
    So taxi is the easiest way for both Thais and travellers
  • Available taxis are the ones with the glowing red/green vacant sign.
  • Taxis often pretend not to have change, so carry small amounts
  • Arriving in late night hours at the airport.
    Buses , vans and Airport Links are close before/by midnight(24:00).
    So the only choice is getting a taxi.
    ​: For Suvarnabhumi airport :
    1.) Get a queue tickets at the ticket kiosks (which is at the 1st Floor, Gates 4)
    2.) There are 3 lanes here (Short Ride | Taxi Sedan | Taxi Van)
    ***If your destination is our place ‘HCUBE BKK’.
    Please keep left to SHORT RIDE because our place is near airport***
    3.) You will get the ticket which shown the details and information of your taxi.
    ***Keep this ticket with you. Just show this to driver. If any problem or lost items, you will make a complaint easily***
    4.) When you get into the taxi, make sure the meter is on and showing 35 Baht.
    5.) On Arrival at your destination, you have to pay the fare on the meter, plus an airport surcharge of 50 Baht.
  • We do not tell the official address of the destination to driver.
    We always tell them how to get there.
    If your destination is not an tourist attraction ; such as Siam Paragon / Central World or well-known hotel.
    Don’t forget to prepare the Thai map or explanation of how to get there to taxi driver.