Ordering a Bowl of Noodle in Thailand.

How to order a bowl of noodle soup in Thailand.

Things to know before you order.

The Soup
In Thailand we usually have clear soup and dark soup. Clear soup mostly made from boiling vegetables and pork or chicken. Dark soup can vary from beef, spices, pork, and chicken.
If you want something mild and light you should go for the clear soup noodle, in the other hand, if you want flavorful heavy taste then dark soup should be the one.

The noodle

Rice noodles or egg noodles. Well, egg noodle will be yellow in color and rice noodle will be white.
For egg noodles, we call it “Ba-Mhee”.
For rice noodles, we call it by their sizes.
0.5-1 inch wide is “Sen-Yai”
0.3-0.5 cm wide is “Sen-Lek”
1 mm wide is “Sen-Mhee”

There are varius kinds of noodle soup shop, most of the time, you can tell what kind of meat they are putting as topping for your noodle soup by looking at the color of the meat ball. If they are white then they’re fishballs, light gray = pork, dark gray = beef.

When ordering
Just tell the seller the name of the noodles and then follow with “Nam” or “Hang” (with soup = “Nam, without soup = “Hang”)
If you want a larger amount of noodle and stuff add the word ” Phi-Sade”
Ba-Mhee Nam = egg noodle with whatever soup they are selling.
Sen-Yai Hang Phi-Sade = a larger amount of noodle(0.5-1 inch wide) without soup

What are those things they put in your noodle soup?
Generally, they will put peanuts, sometimes chilli, bean sprouts, morning glory, some meatballs, some meat, a little fried garlic, a few celantro, and spring onion.

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