Song-Taew : cheap and convenient

Walking from A to B the entire day can wear you off quite easily.
Luckily there is a public transportation which is cheap and easy to find here!

Song-Taew is a passenger vehicle in Thailand adapted from a pick-up
or a larger truck and used as a share taxi or bus.
The name a literally means “two benches” after the passenger seating
in the back of the truck.

“How much does it cost?”

Only 10 Baht per person. “How to get in and off?”

Stopping Song-Taew is very easy. Just stand on the side of the road
and raise/wave your hand to let the driver know that you want to use their service.

Take a seat in the back.
When you reach the destination.
Press the “Stop” button (red button) or knock on the little window in the front,
to signal the driver that you want to jump off.

“How to pay?”

Stop button pressed and the bell rang. After the Song-Taew truck stop, just get off and walk toward the driver and give him money from the passenger side(left side of the truck). The driver will give you change after you pay him, but some of them might see you as a foreigner and not give you change. The best way is to pay by a 10-BAHT coin or a 20-BAHT bill and don’t forget to prepare the money before you got off. Many of our guests find the Song-Taew truck very convenient and economical, give it a try if you want another way to travel between our place and Hua Mak station.

“First ride?

Try to take Song-Taew to HCUBE BKK” If you are heading from HuaMak station to our place
when you go down from the station. and see Song-Taew number 7 or 9 or 10.

Jump on!  take a seat in the back and wait until they get off.

when you see these ,  press the button and step down to our place.

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